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Holiday Blogging

Hey! Heeeeeey! HEY! Are you still there? Or have you migrated for the holidays also? My student feed has died off in the last few days, everybody is breathing a sigh of relief. No more blogging until next semester now, right? Wrong.

Why? Well why not?

Why not keep blogging over the break? Why not see what connections we can make between real life and what we’re learning in this degree? Why not keep up with the creative practices we’ve learnt this semester?

One creative practice I want to keep up over the holidays is that of the sketch tasks. I really enjoyed creating the sketch videos for Integrated Media 1 and I wanted to keep doing them through the semester and instead got bogged down with course work and I didn’t make time to fit in any kind of sketch work. Now that I’ve got a bit more time up my sleeve, I want to start making sketch videos again.

So I’m going to take a bit of inspiration from IM1 and a bit of inspiration from Fat Mum Slim who runs a very popular photo-a-day challenge through her blog and across different social media platforms (more here).

However, I think a video a day over the holidays is a bit too much, so I’m going to run with a different format of three videos a week. You can shoot and upload them whenever you want, all in one go or spread out across the week. I’m going to be uploading mine to Vimeo and cross-posting to Twitter and my blog. You can join in by uploading to Vimeo, Vine or Youtube and posting on Twitter with the hashtag #SketchTask. I’ll be doing a round-up post on here at the end of every week with some of the videos that I really liked, so make sure to tag your sketch tasks so that I don’t miss them!

So the aim of this game is to take the prompt and use it to create a video. You can be as literal or metaphorical as you like, but I’m going to highly encourage creative thinking outside the box. For example, instead of filming something to represent “odour” in week one, why not try and film like odour? How would odour see things? Another thing that’s highly encouraged is pushing yourself and your boundaries. If you’ve never tried a particular technique or method before, use these sketch videos to give it a go! Then, reflect on how it went.

Here are the prompts for the next few weeks over the holidays:

Week 1: 10-16 June

1. Odour
2. Purple
3. A tiny detail

Week 2: 17-23 June

1. Light
2. Hands
3. Something beginning with Q

Week 3: 24-30 June

1. Poetry
2. In the middle
3. The sky

Week 4: 1-7 July

1. Evening
2. Still life
3. Loud

Week 5: 8-14 July

1. Mail
2. Man made
3. Freedom

Week 6: 15-21 July

1. Looking back
2. The big picture
3. Nothingness

Semester two starts on Monday 22 July and if this challenge gets enough of a response and you guys want to continue through the semester, I’ll pop a new list up for those weeks too.

Six weeks of filming more sketch tasks to keep my creative muscles strong… will you join me?

Titles! They’re important too, remember?

My RSS reader was filled on Thursday and Friday with such exciting headlines as:
– K-film Individual Task
– IM- Assessment 1 – K-film
– Integrated Media K-film Explanation
– IM Assessment #1- Korsakow Film
– Korsakow film (with or without an ! at the end)

Haven’t we explored how useful it can be to give a title to your work guys? I remember an exercise I did in my first year of my teaching course where we had a hypothetical child in a hot air balloon and ten things they carried with them. We had to choose what to drop out of the balloon to let it rise high enough to avoid a hypothetical mountain. I don’t remember the whole list but it included food, love, water, shelter, a name etc. As first year students, the name was one of the first things we allocated to drop, but afterwards our tutor explained that experienced teachers always left the name in as long as they can, because a name is so important to a child’s sense of self.

Our projects may not be sentient (or, as Adrian would suggest, they may be) but that doesn’t mean that naming them isn’t important to their sense of identity.

Just some food for thought.


Riding Home

Again, I tried to keep this one in the same style as the other two so they could be viewed as a series. What I really like about this video is the darkness, I think it highlights only the most important visual elements needed to make the context and make the message understandable.

This video has less clips and each one goes for longer compared to the first two. this is partly because I didn’t want to hand around outside work for too long filming bits and pieces in the darkness (safety first!) and partly because I didn’t want it to feel as rushed. I can rush to work, and I can rush through my break to get everything done, but I rarely rush home. I take my time even though I love being home and coming home, there’s never such a sense of urgency to get here as there is when I’m travelling to work.

Tea Room

My aim with this video was to make it in the same style as the “travelling towards” video, so that it would look like part of a series. To do this, I used lots of short cuts of close-up clips. I had to be┬ácareful of what I filmed at work, as my workplace kind of frowns on employees talking about work online. But I figure this is okay. This is a peek into how I spend my breaks at work in the staff room.

I wish I could have filmed more bits of my day at work, I think it’d make for an interesting series. But I highly doubt I’ll get permission for that any time soon, and fair enough too.

My lunch is a nut loaf by the way, it’s just a bit crumbly because it’s leftovers!

Travelling To Work

I had all these creative, artsy, left-of-centre ideas for the travelling to, place, and travelling from videos. But then I got called in to work over the weekend (my usual shooting day is Friday, and I worked all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday!) and I didn’t have the time to make any of my awesome ideas into sketch videos.

This then, is a short clip of me travelling to work. Sort of. It’s also a short clip of me getting ready for work, because that’s part of my travelling. I wanted to experiment with lots and lots of really short clips to show all the different aspects of how I get ready and go.

Editing on my phone was difficult as some of the clips I couldn’t get as short as I wanted, and so I had to cut entire clips just to keep within the time limit. My first draft of this video was about 16 seconds, and although I hated the time restriction when I realised I’d have to cut more, I found that the 10 second version still tells the same story.

I feel like I should have ended it with a blackout and the noise of car tyres screeching and metal on metal crunching as I nearly got hit by a car riding to work on this day. But that would have required more than 10 seconds!