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Travelling To Work

I had all these creative, artsy, left-of-centre ideas for the travelling to, place, and travelling from videos. But then I got called in to work over the weekend (my usual shooting day is Friday, and I worked all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday!) and I didn’t have the time to make any of my awesome ideas into sketch videos.

This then, is a short clip of me travelling to work. Sort of. It’s also a short clip of me getting ready for work, because that’s part of my travelling. I wanted to experiment with lots and lots of really short clips to show all the different aspects of how I get ready and go.

Editing on my phone was difficult as some of the clips I couldn’t get as short as I wanted, and so I had to cut entire clips just to keep within the time limit. My first draft of this video was about 16 seconds, and although I hated the time restriction when I realised I’d have to cut more, I found that the 10 second version still tells the same story.

I feel like I should have ended it with a blackout and the noise of car tyres screeching and metal on metal crunching as I nearly got hit by a car riding to work on this day. But that would have required more than 10 seconds!


I like red capsicum, and I hate green capsicum. A stop motion made using photos instead of the Vine app. Took much longer to make on my phone than it should have. But I did it in the end.

The Night

Blue words, blue meaning, blue images. And I love them all.

Spare Change

One for the money. Two for the fact that my couch cushions are square.



Cherry Ripe

Another Vine experiment with stop motion video.


Experimenting (like everyone else) with the zoom out technique.


An experiment using the Vine app. I had a glitch where I ran into the six second time out but I think it worked out really well despite this.

I used an iPhone app called Splice to piece together my two vine clips. Splice has been a really good little app to edit video clips together bits simple but has enough functionality to edit sound, photos, and transitions.