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News From The Other Side Of The World

It’s been nice having my Google Alerts sitting in the bottom of my reader the last couple of days. I mean, mostly. It’s also kinda sucked cause it feels like just another thing I don’t have the time to read… but it’s also been good, as I can keep up with the news relating to Watoto, Uganda and Africa.

I must say I was a little disappointed with the African news results, only because there was so much Olympic news in there, and in general the comments on such news articles were in serious need of some moderating!

There were only three results for my Watoto alert, two relating to their world famous choirs and one about a scandalous land grab that upon reading the actual article turned out to have no actual scandal related to the church.

By far the most interesting alert was the one I set up for news in Uganda, and truthfully, this is the only one I won’t be deleting after I finish this post. I have a personal affinity for Uganda having travelled there twice in the last three years and made connections with the country and her people while there.

I read about the 40 year anniversary of Idi Amin expelling Asians from the country. I read about the Gay Pride weekend that was being held in the botanic gardens of Entebbe (a place I have visited and so can vividly imagine what the gatherings would have looked like). And I read that the HIV rate in Uganda is, sadly, on the rise again.

I am currently in the middle of a lack-of-travel slump and reading these tid-bits from Uganda really perked me up. I’m going to keep my alert for news from Uganda for a few more weeks, but keep the pressure off to check it all the time. It’s kind of a handy way to keep in touch with the news without having to hunt it down myself.

Things I Should Know By Now

I am a list person. I really, really like writing lists. I also like reading them. This is a list that popped up in my reader a while back that I bookmarked for reading later. I just went through all my bookmarks and rediscovered it. The list is 20 Things I Should Have Known At 20 by Julien Smith who writes over at In Over Your Head.

I already know some of the things on the list, I am learning (sometimes constantly) other and still more I am yet to learn. But it’s a good list to keep going back to and checking in with. The only point I disagree with is number 19- Get known for one thing. But that’s because I’m also subscribed to Emilie Wapnick who’s blog Puttylike talks about and to multipotentialites and I’m beginning to suspect that I am one.

Emilie describes a multipotentialite as “a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life” and goes on to use her website and blog as a way to reach out to other multipotentialites and explain how that is a bloody good thing.

Anyway, back to Julien’s list, I also found this treasure sitting in my starred items in Google Reader and I think it relates to #6 on the list. And yes, I subscribe to online comics. Go on, judge me. I dare you.