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Windows and Glass

Today, in my Literature course (LANG1006 Literary Realism to Post-Modernism) we discussed narrative styles. We came to the analogy of a window. Naturalist narrative is like the glass in a window pane, you look through it to see what’s happening on the other side, but you don’t pay attention to the glass itself, in fact you rarely notice it unless you’re looking. On the flip side, Modernist authors are trying to stain the glass so that when you look through, you have to notice the glass as well, and the glass taints the view of what we are looking through to.

How can we think of this in terms of media making? It can be linked to the ideas in yesterday’s Integrated Media lecture about being aware as we create. Unaware media practitioners (or naive creators) make things using plain glass window panes, because that’s what they know how to use and it’s unobtrusive. Aware, sophisticated media practitioners can make use of the availability of stains to add to the glass, drastically changing the way their work is viewed. However, aware creators can also choose to create with plain glass, if they know that will be the best way to convey their message.

Perhaps I’ve taken this metaphor too literally, but I quite like it. It can even be taken further in terms of media once you start thinking of what the window frame might be made of, or what room the window is in, or what direction it’s facing, or whether the window itself is the subject when lit from the inside and viewed or experienced from the outside.

Perhaps the window is merely a window and the subjects/participants/viewers/collaborators can view themselves/each other from the inside and the outside.

So here’s my little bit of food for thought, what does your window look like and how does that impact your work? And for extra credit, what would happen if that window was altered…?

Broken window frame
Source: Eva the Weaver on Flickr

A Word About Fonts

I was never really interested in fonts, and to be honest, I still don’t get super excited by the thought of them. However, I do find the debate behind the use of fonts interesting, especially the use of Comic Sans.

Early in highschool, I discovered the joys of instant messaging and joined my friends online for almost nightly chats. Using MSN Messenger, I was able to control what font and colour my messages appeared in and my choice for many years was Comic Sans MS in bold and purple.

I stopped using Comic Sans when the IM trend died down (thank-you Facebook) and haven’t really thought about it since. Until, that is, I read a rant about the misuse of Comic Sans everyday courtesy of an interesting tweet I spied.

What I didn’t know when I clicked that first interesting tweet was that I was about to stumble into the dark and confusing world of font wars. A world where people either loved or loathed Comic Sans and vicious arguments were had over the font choices you made.

Okay, it wasn’t as scary and serious as all that. But it was confusing. I didn’t understand why Comic Sans was so hated. And then I was sucked in. I found this really helpful article that explained the background of the Comic Sans hate and in turn was pointed in the direction of this website dedicated to banning Comic Sans.

I am now one of the thousands (millions?) of people who hate Comic Sans. And I will judge you if you use it inappropriately (ie. ever).

I don’t want to end this post on a negative note, and I don’t want to appear one sided so I’ll leave you with this final link. A piece written by Mike Lacher as Comic Sans rebuttal toward all the hate (NSFW- strong language). You’re welcome.