Starting Again

Round two. Well, technically this is round 3 of university for me, but it’s round two in a communications degree. Why am I here? Because I want to finish this. I want the structure of learning new shit. I want to graduate this time!

So! I’ll be using this blog again as my student blog and writing posts that have notes on my readings and lectures. I’ll be discussing interesting questions that I encounter and creating mini projects based on things I want to explore.

I’ve had three years off from studying and I’m feeling a bit rusty getting back into it, trying to figure out what technologies (both digital and non) I’ll be using and which system of note taking and file organising is going to work best for me. I completely forgot I even had this blog as a system that I could use! I’m juggling dropbox and evernote and whether to use a lined or art notebook. Do I buy a new laptop? Borrow an old iPad? Just rely on my phone and notebook? I guess I’ll figure it out as the semester begins.

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