Lecture Notes- IM 1 Week 9


Disruptive technology.

Disruption is important. Adrian wants to change (disrupt) the way we think about things.

“The world is deeply unstable… it’s a soup… an ocean of connections.”

“Unless you want to be an academic, no-one in this room will write an essay again. Ever again.” (Reminds me of my last athletics carnival at school, “after this I’ll never have to run ever again…”).

Blogs are disruptive. Blogs are  porous . In a blog, nearly anything goes therefore they disrupt the traditional “professional standards”.

bb vs blog

“In the making we express knowledge.”

Future making. Not knowing what might happen = moment of risk. Fight or flight, or stand your ground and make cool stuff.

Most of our models look backwards. Think ahead. Methods for future making. Methods for dealing with things you don’t know. Want future change, always.

Respond to the uncertainty of the making. Surrender agency to the system.

We are the “Media Blahs” of the future…

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