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Integrated Media Two- An Introduction

Seth, our lecturer and my tutor for Integrated Media 2 this semester, today told us we will be “working on the web full time” in this subject, instead of using it as a place to publish work. Integrated Media 1 was supposed to focus on using the web as a place to create and not just to publish, but in retrospect we spent a lot of time in IM1 creating content offline, editing and curating content offline, then logging on only to publish finished work.

IM2 will be spent using the web for participatory storytelling. Using the web to find, curate or generate, and then engage with, communities that will respond to an ‘event’ that we create.

I’m actually really excited about the assessment for IM2. Half our mark will come from an individual report at the end of semester based on a prompt (actually more exciting than it sounds, I swear), and half our mark will come from this event that we create in large groups. I’ve already got ideas buzzing around my head about things we could possible make happen, but foremost in my mind at this early stage is to build on a project that came out of an earlier subject, Networked Media. In NetMed, Ronja and I created an app/social network/platform/website/tour thing (that you can read/watch more about here¬†and here) that would be perfect to adapt and revisit and update for this assessment task. I’m in consultation with Ronja about whether or not we will do that (as we are in different classes this year and won’t be working in the same assessment group). But there are lots of other ideas buzzing around my head that I’m pretty excited about possibly turning into a reality.